Discover the Power of Upright Imaging

Upright Imaging is an important new tool in the diagnoses of problems of the spine and other anatomical structures. This is critical new information for both Patients and their Providers.

Today, radiologists and surgeons are seeing revealing images they’ve never seen before, diagnosing spinal and other problems that have often been invisible on recumbent-only MRI’s, and improving surgical outcomes to a degree never before possible – all thanks to the first MRI that lets you put the body in motion, so scans can be done the way people live and experience problems, instead of just lying flat.

Upright MRI

This new era in diagnosis is possible because of the unique power of the Upright Multi-Position™ MRI. It’s the first MRI that has the power to provide full range-of-motion diagnosis – with the nerves, discs, and other soft tissue in clear view. It achieves truly physiologic MRI, instead of recumbent-only, static MRI.

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Compare Images Yourself!

Conventional vs Upright MRI Image

Conventional MRI   vs.   Upright MRI

Some problems are detectable only when the patient is in an upright position. These are lumbar spine images of a patient who had undergone back surgery but was continuing to experience pain.

This problem was visible only when the patient was scanned upright and would have gone undiagnosed on a conventional, lie-down MRI scanner.

Images Courtesy of M. Rose, MD; Rose Radiology Centers

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